Saving Private Stramaccioni

Hard days for Andrea Stramaccioni in Prague. The Italian coach has been contested by Sparta supporters during the last match of Czech Ligue against Teplice. The main stand generally occupied by hard fans was empty and on the railing there was just an unmistakable banner written in a flawless Italian: “Arrivederci Stramaccioni”.

An opinion mainly related to disappointing performances of Sparta under Stramaccioni’s control. Celebrate as a savior when he comes in Prague last summer, the ex Inter coach has gradually lost the respect of Sparta supporters. Results rather are ruthless. After 8 matches of Czech Ligue the Viktoria Plzen advantage on Sparta Prague is 10 points. But it could be worst. Sparta supporters have not swallow the untimely elimination from Europe League and above all the defeat against the Slavia in the Prague derby of two weeks ago.

Andrea Stramaccioni knew it would be an hard work. First of all because the Italian is the first stranger coach in Sparta history. Then because Sparta doesn’t win the Czech Ligue since 2013-2014; because in the 10 months prior to the Stramaccioni’s hiring the club has changed 4 coach. Finally because the Sparta revolution involves 13 Czech players that have been replace with 11 stranger players.

Sometimes dismantle some traditions could be a very risky decision. Especially when the results are late to arrive.