Premier League: a rush for the glory

Premier League gets ready for one of the most engaging final act of its own history. Four teams, eight rounds, sixteen different opponents and a direct clash at penultimate round. Leicester City, Tottenham, Arsenal or City: who’ll be the winner? It may be that scheduling will help us to predict the future.

Graphic Info - Premier League: a rush for the glory (cop. Tabser-Talking about soccer)
Graphic Info – Premier League: a rush for the glory (cop. Tabser-Talking about soccer)

Leicester City path seems easier than the others. Claudio Ranieri’s team will face eight rounds fairly distributed from away and at home matches. Hidden dangers could be represented by both Sunderland and West Ham ambitions. The main trick surely is represented by Round 36 when the Foxes go to Old Trafford to face a Manchester United which is looking for a Europe League placement. First rank positions raffles off after Manchester sincerely means Leicester digs his grave in previous matches. Foxes’ advantage towards Arsenal e City seems consistent and Totthenam path surely is the hardest one.

Liverpool (in Anfield), United and the ever felt London derby with Chelsea are on Spurs’ way. Reds and Red Devils matches are in a row. In addition, probably Tottenham will play Europe League quarter final and the first round match of competition is scheduling on April 7, just four days after Anfield game. The second one is scheduling between United and Stoke City. Stamford Bridge is on the way at Round 36. It could be too late for Spurs’ dreams of glory.

Manchester City race also is not so easy. First of all, Pellegrini’s team is the only pretender with five away games (also considering the mark-up round in Newcastle). Furthermore Manchester United will come next Sunday in Ethiad Stadium to play its latest chances to increase the gap toward Liverpool and Southampton busies in the meanwhile in a face to face in St Mary’s Stadium. Round 37 could be the final act of the Premiership. London, Emirates Stadium: Arsenal-Manchester City. A thrilling final curtain in a no holds barred match or just the opportunity for Leicester City celebrations?

It depends by Arsenal. Sunderland (away) and Norwich City couple (respectively in round 35 and 36) seems very dangerous for Gunners’ ambitions. After all rank seems so clear. Probably Arsene Wenger will be judge of Championship relegation. Leftovers matches seems to be in Arsenal range. Without hitches the match with City could be decisive. For glory or Champions League qualifications? Everything is in Leicester City hands.