Grasshopper Club Zurich needs to preserve its history

There are clouds on the horizon for the Grasshopper Club Zurich. The most titled club in Switzerland is actually bottom of the Super League table with six defeats in a row dating back at December. An endless crisis that seriously could compromise a history of more than a century.

Founded in 1886 Grasshopper Club Zurich have already knew the Challenge League relegation shame in 1948/1949. But it has been the only precedent in club history. Meanwhile Grasshopper have won 27 times the Super League title even if the last tasted success back in 2003.

Grasshopper decline is not so recent. With the exception of a couple of season between 2012 and 2014 the Zurich club have been fighting at the wrong end of the table in recent years and the last season Grasshopper has been so close to depths.

However the ninth palce of 2017/2018 has been enough to avoid Challenge League relegation. But new rules established for this season have introduced a playout between the ninth of Super League table and the second of Challenge League one. One more problem or an opportunity for Grasshopper Club Zurich actually two points far from the ninth place occupied by Neuchatel Xamax.

The defeat with Neuchatel Xamax in the last round has probably been the perfect storm for Thorsten Fink guys. But now it’s time to hang in there and try to rise up.

On Sunday Grasshopper will be in Thun. It will be a hard work because of Marc Schneider team is in challenge with Basilea for next Champions League qualification. Not the best game to go back to the drawing board; but Grasshopper Club Zurich is call to a reaction in order to avoid to make matters worse. And preserve its history.